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CBD And Diarrhea: Side Effect Or Not? - CBD Glossary
Is Diarrhea side effect of CBD?

CBD And Diarrhea: Side Effect Or Not?


The sparkling trend of using CBD products in daily life has glittered across the globe in recent times. CBD, or Cannabidiol, has broken through to become a standard part of everyday life.

It has become an addition to morning smoothies, post-workout protein shakes and is even a part of some people’s night routine. 

CBD is a naturally obtained cosmetic derived from the hemp plant. It is the same plant that produces marijuana.

However, the difference between CBD and marijuana is the presence of THC, a psychotropic compound that gives the user a “high.”

As CBD takes over the world, we look at the effects of using it in your daily life. CBD can act against anxiety and stress-related issues, providing the user with a sense of calm.

It also helps your body relax from spasms or muscle pain. However, this cosmopolitan cosmetic can also leave you with some side effects. One of the most common side effects of CBD is diarrhea. 

Here, we will try to explain what causes these side effects and what to do if you’re ever caught in the crossfire of CBD-related discomfort. 

Can CBD Cause Diarrhea?

Can CBD Cause Diarrhea?

Yes, excessive use of CBD may cause diarrhea as a side effect. You might find it odd that CBD does this because it is often used as a relaxant in various gastrointestinal disorders.

However, consuming CBD in massive doses can end up with you visiting your WCs many times. 

While it doesn’t happen often, there have been instances where users have complained of stomach aches and diarrhea after using CBD.

Bear in mind that this does not mean you can never use CBD again. There is a significant chance that the incorrect dosage of your CBD product caused the side effects.

Alternatively, they might have been caused due to some other ingredient in the CBD product.

It is also possible that there were issues with the product’s manufacturing process that caused diarrhea after usage. 

CBD has an effect on your body’s Endocannabinoid System that is responsible for maintaining homeostasis.

If your CBD product contains specific ingredients that would tilt the balance of your body, you are bound to get side effects like diarrhea.

Additionally, large doses of the same may trigger changes in your homeostasis, leading to the same side effects. 

Commonly, the human body tolerates CBD very well. However, since our bodies are different, the tolerance for CBD in the body also varies from person to person.

As a result, a dosage that is optimum for your friend might not be the best for you and may induce side effects like diarrhea. 

However, it is essential to know that these bouts of stomach-related side effects are mild and are less likely to lead to other complications. 

Why Does CBD Usage Sometimes Cause Diarrhea?

Why Does CBD Usage Sometimes Cause Diarrhea?

The most common cause of CBD-induced diarrhea is incorrect dosage. Every CBD product has different potency and therefore has a different dosage.

Most users would agree that any dose higher than 500mg in one go is excessive. It helps find your ideal dosage before using CBD using your physical features like height and weight. 

If you do get diarrhea after using CBD, your first response should be to check the ingredients used in your product.

There is a chance that your body could not comply with one or more of the ingredients used within the CBD product.

Commonly, CBD Oils have been reported to have caused diarrhea. However, with many brands making various products using scores of different ingredients, it becomes difficult to pinpoint what exactly rendered the side effects. 

One common cause that is the culprit is MCT Oil – a commonly used ingredient in CBD Oil.

Especially when you are using large quantities of CBD Oil, MCT Oil can cause gastrointestinal distress.

MCT Oil is used in bulletproof coffees today, and these coffees are known to give consumers diarrhea.

Consumers who were a part of studies involving MCT Oil have complained of diarrhea as a side effect. 

Some other CBD products may also include almond oil or other nut oil in their ingredients, which might be enough to give you an allergic reaction.

You must check the list of ingredients of the product that you are using. If you find something that you are allergic to, consider switching products. 

Is There a Way To Prevent Diarrhea As a Side Effect?

Is There a Way To Prevent Diarrhea As a Side Effect?

Diarrhea can be challenging to handle in compromising situations. It is better to avoid the mishap altogether.

Being aware of your product’s ingredients is the best way to avoid fighting the war.

If you know what you are allergic to, or if a particular ingredient has induced diarrhea in prior experiences, it pays to stay away from those specific ingredients.

You can also contact your product manufacturers to check if they use specific ingredients like MCT Oil in their products. 

You can also try different combinations of ingredients – nut oils used in CBD products – and discover a combo that works for you.

There is a high probability that only specific combinations result in diarrhea.

However, if you find that all kinds of CBD products give you side effects, then there is a chance the culprit is CBD Oil itself. 

You might also get an upset tummy if you consume CBD Oil on an empty stomach. Try taking your dose along with some protein so that the body easily absorbs it.

Additionally, if you ever get diarrhea after using CBD products, make sure you do not use it again till the symptoms have receded completely.

There is no better time to investigate the cause of your side effects. Problems in your daily diet or stress-related issues may also trigger your body’s response after using CBD that might vent out in a bout of diarrhea. 

You will notice that CBD products give side effects like diarrhea only when they are ingested orally.

Finding and using other methods to use CBD can be a helpful solution to stopping bouts of diarrhea. 

Lastly, if your symptoms do not improve for an unusual amount of time, it would be best to consult a physician.

It is because your diarrhea may have an epicenter that is entirely unrelated to CBD products.

How To Cure Diarrhea Induced By CBD Products?

How To Cure Diarrhea Induced By CBD Products?

Diarrhea, induced by anything, primarily results in dehydration. Therefore, your first response to it must be to take some form of oral rehydration (ORS) solution.

There are a number of drugs that specifically counter diarrhea, and you can find them at your local pharmacy easily.

However, a few symptoms demand caution – bloody or black stools, fever, and dryness of the mouth are a few of those.

If you notice these symptoms or see that your diarrhea doesn’t go away after two days, make sure you visit a doctor to prevent any further consequences. 


CBD products are gradually taking over the world. However, despite being a product derived entirely from nature, CBD does not come without side effects.

Overuse or unnecessarily high dosage of CBD might give you side effects like diarrhea. 

Sometimes, you even have to be cautious about the ingredients used in CBD products.

Items like MCT Oil, used in most CBD products, have the potential to deregulate your body’s homeostasis.

Along with this, MCT Oil can give you a bout of tummy aches, diarrhea, or mild gastrointestinal discomfort.

While none of these symptoms are severe, they ruin the entire purpose of taking CBD.

Therefore, it pays to be vigilant about the ingredients that can cause diarrhea. Ensure that you communicate with the CBD manufacturer about the process of making the CBD product. 

It is most commonly CBD Oils that cause diarrhea in some instances. Therefore, if you can, it can help to find other ways of consuming CBD.

Waxes, dabs, vapes, and other inhalants would reduce the risk of dirtying a pair of pants. 

Sometimes, the cause of diarrhea may not be CBD but can be linked to your diet or state of mind.

Therefore, make sure that you check various CBD products to find which one is best suited for your body.

If the problem persists despite using multiple products and brands, you can examine your diet for issues.

The bottom line is that CBD does not always cause diarrhea. Only in excessive doses and because of certain ingredients will a CBD product be responsible for your bout of diarrhea.

It helps to speak to your physician in case diarrhea does not resolve itself quickly. Make sure you take only adequate doses of CBD to prevent any kind of side effects. 

CBD does help relieve stress and anxiety. However, it is fruitless if adverse side effects damage the experience.

So, use it cautiously, try to find out what dosage is optimum for your body, and let the cannabidiol do its work in peace.


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