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Age Restrictions For Buying CBD Explained - CBD Glossary
Restrictions For Buying CBD products

Age Restrictions For Buying CBD Explained



buying CBD oil products

CBD is derived from cannabis; it is one of the several cannabinoids that have been found in the plant.

Unlike THC, the cannabis derivative does not have psychoactive effects on its users. In simpler terms, it does not cause users to be high — a term primarily associated with the use of cannabis.

There has been an increasing interest in CBD globally. Majorly due to the benefits that come with using it. According to research, it’s a go-to product for people struggling with ADHD and anxiety.

However, one question tops the mind of potential CBD users in its ever-growing market: how old must I be to buy CBD?

The question has been asked in different forms, but the purpose remains the same. This is because there’s a high concentration of underaged and under-21 buyers interested in purchasing the product.

There still seems to be insufficient or clear information regarding the age restrictions for smoking CBD or buying its products in the Free Country with the growing interest.

The simple truth is that no direct or straightforward answer tackles this question. There is also no federal law that guides its usage throughout the entire country; rather, age restrictions vary significantly from state to state.

Apart from finding out age restrictions from the government, potential CBD buyers need to figure out rules set by specific retailers and smoke shops on who is or isn’t allowed to buy from their facility.

Do you have to be 21 to buy CBD in 2021?

average age on buying CBD oil

Generally speaking, the average age you can buy is 18 and above. In some instances, you need to be 21 before you can buy.

To further answer that question, it is usually dependent on the state you’re in, the form of CBD you intend to buy, and what store you want to buy it from.

In states where buying CBD is legal, the average store might ask your age to verify you’re not a minor. If you intend to buy online, reputable CBD retailers have strategic measures put in place to be sure you’re up to age.

Buying from recreational dispensaries means you should be 21 and above to purchase. Such dispensaries usually have additional requirements, unlike the regular brick-and-mortar stores. Products with high THC levels have state-based regulations alongside age requirements.

As per the guidelines issued by the FDA in the United States, CBD is to be age-restricted, and only smokable flower or vaping oils should be sold only to legal adults who are 18 and above.

However, other forms of CBD (cremes, oils, topicals, edibles, etc.), considering its medical benefit, are not age-restricted.

The age factor entirely depends on the state you are in. Few states allow 18+ people to buy CBD products, while other states have a mandatory rule of 21 years. In any case, you can purchase CBD cigarettes if you are 18 plus, but you cannot buy these products if you are under 18.

Kids with chronic illnesses are an exception as they are allowed to consume these products to help with their pain and anxiety, but only as a therapeutic option.

They often require a prescription to get CBD but under parental supervision. If you visit a brick-and-mortar store, they will surely ask you to produce a driving license or any other government-mandated document proving that you are indeed 21.

Many reputable online sellers have a decent set up for age identification so you can get your cigarettes without any issues.

However, some websites do not have a strict age policy so teenagers can buy cigarettes with their parents’ credit or debit cards.

These age restrictions are only valid if your state has legalized CBD. Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas have not legalized CBD consumption.

Can I Administer CBD to Kids?

cbd effects on kids

As stated earlier, CBD is one of the most popular variants of cannabis, along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

While both chemicals have an effect on the brain, THC leaves its users high, but CBD just makes them feel more relaxed. It’s also used for people with sleep problems, anxiety, pain, autism spectrum, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Its products range from oils that are edible or can be rubbed on the skin to soaps, candies for kids, and even pet treats. The application of CBD has mainly become famous around the world.

That said, there are no precise statistics on the use of CBD on kids. There are forums that have shown parents give CBD to their kids with a health condition like autism. The question you’d have on your mind: is it medically safe for my kids? How about side effects?

According to the World Health Organisation, there’s been no issue of people recreationally abusing CBD or causing health issues. However, there is still reservation from the medical community concerning minors’ use.

In a recent report by the FDA, the cannabis derivative can lead to liver injury in users of any age and hinted that it might affect the brain’s development in children. As a parent, you want your kids to be healthy at the same time you want to be sure there’s no catch to that perfect health. An excellent way to achieve that is to understand the product and its effect before administering it to your kids. It’s also essential to speak with a healthcare professional about it.

Why do all the CBD shops have warnings for under 21 years of age?

Even though it doesn’t have psychoactive effects like cannabis because of the absence of TBH, there are still laws guiding its use in many states.

Shops selling it have to abide by the rules guiding the state they’re in to avoid any confrontation with the law. The warning signs are there to show the regulatory bodies that they stand by their regulations.

Some shops also have their own rules for selling CBD apart from the government’s ones stipulated. More specifically, in recreational dispensaries, the CBD age restriction is 21 and above only.

Breakdown of Laws in State Dealings with CBD

CBD became legal in the USA by federal laws in December 2018. While that may seem quite straightforward at first glance, the legality of CBD becomes a little bit complicated when it has to do with individual states.

The legality of CBD depends on the state you live in and if the particular product you intend to buy was directly extracted from industrial hemp or marijuana.

It is legal to purchase CBD in all green states. These are states where it is legal to be in possession of marijuana. It’s much safer to buy CBD from green states as it’s more regulated, and you’ve got fewer chances of being arrested. It’s also a smart move to make because you get a good run for your money.

Benefits of CBD

benefits of cbd

Researchers are still conducting studies as to the full potential of CBD, but in the meantime, they have answered some questions bothering many people.

What benefit does it have on human health? It’s been stated at the beginning of the article that CBD has been a proven treatment when it comes to treating anxiety, sleep problems, and others.

There has been a popular FDA-verified drug approved to treat epilepsy — cannabidiol, a.k.a Epidiolex. The CBD treatment is able to treat two different kinds of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. It has been legally approved for patients as young as two years old.

Another known benefit of CBD is its treatment when it comes to epilepsy. Research has also shown its effect on other anxiety disorders such as generalized anxiety disorder, seasonal affective disorder, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Alongside these benefits are also possible risks. From liver injury to interaction with other medications leading to side effects, and fertility problems, there is a need to create more awareness around the risks associated with using it.


The purpose of placing restrictions on a product is to protect users or consumers from possible dangers no matter what it is.

It holds true for CBD products too. Even though the public might find the restrictions uncalled for, the truth is, the industry is still in the development stage. Research is still underway to uncover the full effect (positive and negative) of CBD on the human body and mind.

In the meantime, regulatory bodies want to be entirely sure any negative impact, especially on young folks, will be limited. What better way to achieve that than to place age restrictions?

When you consider the side effects of using CBD products, the idea of age restrictions becomes well-founded. Children and teenagers are always keen to try out something new or experience freedom, which in many cases does them more harm than good.

The legal age of 18 or 21 is just some random pick by some scientists in glasses. It is set at that age because anyone below 21 is likely to have their brain development affected. It can affect their cognitive thinking negatively and make them unable to regulate their emotions. Restrictions ensure mental development in kids under 21 isn’t tampered with by the products.

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