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CBD Hangover: A Real Thing Or Not? - CBD Glossary
All about CBD hangover

CBD Hangover: A Real Thing Or Not?


You must have felt the infamous CBD hangover first-hand on various occasions. If not, you must have at least heard a lot about it through your friends and colleagues.

While most people feel the hangover after any hemp consumption, a very sizable amount of people stay untouched by this phenomenon.

What Is a CBD Hangover?

What Is a CBD hangover?

Well, yes. First things first, CBD hangovers are a real thing. It can happen to anyone who consumes any hemp products containing a high quantity of THC.

If you have been following the CBD market for a while, you must be familiar with different CBD products causing hangovers, right from chewing gum to tinctures.

Smoking hemp is the number one cause of CBD hangover. When you ingest hemp, the product releases THC, and in no time, it enters your bloodstream and starts to bind with all the CB1 receptors.

Now your chances of experiencing a hangover with plain CBD products are meager since they contain a very negligible THC amount.

However, many CBD products can easily put you in a state of hangover even if you do not smoke.

In one old medical research study, the researchers concluded that cannabis causes a hangover effect.

They came to this conclusion by analyzing 13 male smokers who were split into two groups. The group that smoked authentic cannabis showed various if not all signs of the hangover.

On the other hand, smokers who were given a placebo were excellent with their motor working skills.

This experiment used cannabis with a small THC of 2.9%, which is very low compared to all the modern strains with considerably high levels.

A recent study mentions various side effects and hangover symptoms even if used for medicinal purposes.

Patients are expected to feel the residual effects on the following day itself.

Weed or, more clearly, CBD hangover causes many side effects similar to an alcohol hangover. But truth be told, this type of hangover is not as intense and feral as alcohol.

Common Symptoms of CBD Hangover

Common Symptoms of CBD Hangover

There are many common symptoms of a CBD hangover. All these symptoms depend upon the use, type, age of the user, tolerance, and potency of a particular product.

Below, we have listed a few common signs that most people experience.

Severe brain fog and inability to focus

Severe brain fog is the number one symptom where the user often feels confused and has difficulty putting their thoughts into words.

Their brain feels very laggy and disorganized as soon as they wake up. Users also find it challenging to focus on ideas and conversations. 


If you are experiencing a CBD hangover, there is a high chance that you will also experience a headache.

Even though CBD-induced headache is not as intense and hammering as an alcohol hangover headache, it can make things difficult for you. 

Itchy dry eyes

This symptom is exclusively noticed after cannabis consumption. You will feel your eyes dry, heavy, and itchy.

The constant scratching will increase the dryness, making this symptom more intolerable.

Dry mouth

Many users have a serious case of dry mouth, especially in the morning. The symptom forces them to consume water throughout the day constantly. 

Fatigue and sensitivity

You will feel very dizzy and tired, especially if you had a small nap during the night. Your senses will feel very sensitive to lights and sounds.

You may feel like sleeping the rest of the day inside a black soundproof box and avoid any overexposure.

A strong sensation of being high

This sensation is bound to occur if you recreationally or medically use a high dose of CBD containing high amounts of THC.

A mild high can cause you some trouble, which could prevent you from staying normal the following day.

Easy Tried And Tested Methods To Get Rid of CBD Hangover

Easy Tried And Tested Methods To Get Rid of CBD Hangover

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated is the most effective trick if you want to beat the hangover. It can bring your mind to the right spot while satiating your thirst.

Drinking water can also help you tackle dry mouth. Drinking tall glasses of water throughout the morning can help your body fall into the schedule.

Caffeine shots

 A fresh and potent dose of caffeine can charge up your system in an instant. Coffee can also help you get energetic, driving the lethargic feeling out the window.

Freshen up with a shower

A nice hot shower can help you get rid of the slump and instantly revitalize you.

If you enjoy cold showers, feel free to jump into one to help your brain release some much-needed endorphins.

Nothing can beat the hangover than a nice scented shower. It can also direct your brain to take charge for the day since that’s mostly the first thing you do before getting on with your day.

Even if you do not plan on getting out of the house, we highly recommend taking a bath to tackle the hangover.

Breakfast indulgence

Having a hearty bowl of porridge or pancakes can indeed help your body recover better.

Consuming fresh fruits and smoothies can provide nutrition and freshness from the inside. Do not forget to have a big breakfast with eggs, beef jerky, or muffins to keep your energy loaded.

How To Combat Specific CBD Hangover Symptoms Individually

How To Combat Specific CBD Hangover Symptoms Individually

  • If you feel nauseous and have an upset stomach, a warm cup of ginger tea can help you feel better for your CBD hangover.
  • Ingest CBD oil tincture in the smallest dose to avoid feeling foggy. Make sure you are consuming 100% full-spectrum CBD oil devoid of THC to see the benefits.
  • Pour 2-3 eye drops to help soothe your eyes. These drops can get rid of dryness while making your eyes feel awake. Use protective UV glasses if you are going to be in front of the screen for many hours.
  • Give yourself a short massage at the temple to elevate the headache. Keep a pack of cold compress nearby and use it at short intervals. 
  • If you have time or the energy, force yourself to go on a brisk walk or do some HIIT cardio workout. The workout can indeed help you sweat out the toxins to feel more rejuvenated. If you enjoy yoga, then practicing it can help you get rid of brain fog.
  • If nothing works for you or if you want to treat your headache quickly, taking the help of over-the-counter medications can work effectively. You can use Advil or Tylenol to help speed the process.

CBD Hangover Prevention 101

CBD Hangover Prevention 101

If you do not wish to follow the previously mentioned tips, prevention techniques are the best way forward.

The primary preventive measure is not consuming the herb or any of its products at night, especially a few hours before hitting the hay. Other strategies include:

Using Zero to low THC strain product

Avoid consuming solid and pure hemp in the first place. Try to consume CBD products that strictly have zero THC levels.

With the need to provide positive results to people seeking anxiety during the day, many products like CBD chewing gums and cigarettes rule the market.

You can consume such CBD products instead. Large doses can have sedating effects, so steer clear of heavy doses if you are working.

Do not use compound substances

Mixing substances can be a direct ticket to hangover land. If you are consuming one type of CBD embedded product or simply smoking, do not take up alcohol. 

Finish early

Do not keep using the product right till bedtime. Stop using anything 3 hours before your bedtime.

The early wrap-up can ensure your body processes all the chemicals while reducing your chances of a hangover.

Regular hangovers

If you regularly experience CBD hangovers, it might be a clear sign of substance abuse.

If you are consuming CBD for medical reasons, check your prescribed amount and see whether you have drastically increased your dose.

Keep a tab of your cannabis ingestion and figure out if you are consuming it more than you need.

Reduce the usage if you have the habit of ingesting potent doses almost regularly.

You might need to dial down and ask for help if it makes you unable to enjoy your life.


We hope you keep all of these things in your mind before consumption.

If taken in moderation, it can indeed help you feel liberated and ecstatic, but potent doses can give you a high chance of a hangover.

Even if there are divided opinions on whether CBD hangover is actual or not, it is safe to say that CBD hangover exists considering all the studies and anecdotal evidence.

Following our prevention list with the cures can help you alleviate your hangover within no time.


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